Willinga Park Residence


Bawley Point, NSW

Willinga Park House is designed as a residence for a couple with a large extended family who visit during holiday periods. It is therefore designed to work as a high quality residence for two people as well as a holiday house that can accommodate two additional families. The house comprises three pavilions: the main house pavilion for the owners, and two other pavilions that can be used by visiting families. Each of the pavilions is linked to the main house through an open landscaped courtyard. Views from each pavilion are maximised to the lake and landscaped park. The plan form is organised along the transverse axis of the main pavilion with other pavilions linked at an angle to it. The overall composition is linked together with a copper roof that flows from the attic study and across the courtyard before forming the carport and service areas. This is a private project but demonstrates, in a public manner, principles of sustainable design suited to the NSW South Coast, and a commitment by the owner to support the arts community through the complete integration of artworks into the building and landscape design.

Photos: Ginette Snow