Drawing inspiration from the likes of Google and Facebook, Synergy’s office fitout in Barton is a beacon of fun and interaction. The scope of works required an open and flexible workplace environment which encouraged collaboration and knowledge sharing. Aesthetically the fitout expresses the company’s vibrant and enthusiastic nature, whilst still meeting their pragmatic needs with both formal and informal meeting areas, collaborative zones and independent working spaces. The bold graphics teamed with a ping pong table, swings and phone boxes speak of the company’s fruitful ‘work hard, play hard’ attitude whilst their flat corporate structure is reflected through the absence of offices and assigned desks. The absence of a traditional reception has been filled with a welcome lounge where guests and clients are encouraged to take a seat, grab a coffee, and make themselves at home. These characteristics make Synergy’s office a unique workplace in Canberra’s commercial portfolio, which speaks volumes about the progressive and inclusive workplace that this is.