Majura Park Recreational Centre



Majura Recreation Centre is located at Majura Park, Canberra Airport. The 1,200sqm facility includes a 25m lap swimming pool, two junior learn-to-swim pools, a fitness centre, shower and change facilities and provisions for a cafe. The design for the simple, yet striking building was primarily derived from the internal space requirements of the pool hall. Exposed raking steel trusses above the pools create an airy and lightfilled space. High-level south-facing glazing above the split-level roof allows natural light into the pool hall without creating glare and unwanted reflections from the water. Direct sunlight through the large northern windows is shaded by a raked awning running the length of the building. Insulated metal panel cladding, installed vertically, complements and highlights the dramatic lines of the roof and awning.

Combining the fitness and swimming needs of adults as well as children’s swim classes, the facility provides a range of pool sizes and pool depths as well as a mix of shower and change facilities to cater for individuals and families. With patrons being attracted from surrounding areas in Central Canberra, Gungahlin to the north and nearby Queanbeyan, the facility fulfils the need for a high-quality indoor learn-to-swim program in the region.