Korean War Memorial


Anzac parade, Canberra

The Korean War Memorial is contained in a wall of trees and identified by a rhythmic arrangement of repeated objects: light poles, flags, planters and a continuity of surface treatment. The regular spacing of stainless steel poles exaggerates the sense of movement through the memorial; an experience comparable to driving past a reforested tract of land. The heightened sense of progression is particularly significant in the movement up the inclined plinth to the contemplative space ‘altar’.
The regulatity of the poles is also intended as a device to draw attention to the unique irregular form of each of the Korean boulders, affording them an elevated significance in the overall composition.

In Association: ANKWM Design Group


Client: Historic Memorials Committee National Capital Authority
Project Value: $1.6 Million
Project Completed: April 2000
Project Method: Project Management
Sculptor: Les Kossatz
Documentation Architect: Daryl Jackson Pty Ltd