Home Affairs


Commenced: 2017

Canberra, ACT

Department connections; keep it in the family.
With over 6,000 staff across two campuses and four buildings, the Australian Government Department of Home Affairs is one of the largest office accommodation projects in the country. As lead consultant, DJAS was responsible for designing the interior of all buildings. Key to the project’s success was to create a sense of familiarity between buildings so the Department is seen to function as a whole, rather than a series of disparate office fitouts. A sense of individuality is achieved for staff through several ‘Home bases’ containing breakout spaces, lockers, and informal meeting areas.

Change is inevitable; incorporate flexibility
Our design approach accepts that any office environment is subject to change or reconfiguration during its lifetime. A modular design approach was adopted to reduce the amount of physical churn by allowing significant re-organisation to take place using the existing office configuration. This approach;
• enables the Department to adapt their built environment rapidly in response to changing business needs; and
• generates operational cost savings by performing fitout churn more efficiently and effectively.

Collaboration; the key to good outcomes and cost savings
DJAS worked with RPSAAP and the Department over several years to enhance and support a strong workplace culture. Some examples which contributed to the project’s success were;
• A strategy to create a prototype office which fully engaged staff in their future workplace and;
• Our consistent advice to the client, combined with site presence, assisted to manage contractor claims and compliance against the building brief.