Edwards Annex Canberra Grammar School

Early 2018

Canberra Grammar School

As a result of Canberra Grammar School’s recent implementation of co-education, the student population is expected to rise, in both the short and longer term. This project has been developed as a response to the increased demand for new teaching facilities, and is to help accommodate this planned increase in the student population in the short and long term.

One of the main considerations will be in terms of materiality. Red bricks are predominantly used for most buildings throughout the school campus. It is envisaged that these bricks will also be used in the new facility to be sympathetic to the existing material palette, particularly in regards to the heritage requirements of the Chapel. Robust, durable lightweight cladding will be used on the upper level. The north and north east façade facing the Chapel will be full height glass to provide a reflection of the Chapel.

An important focus will be on bringing natural light into classrooms, reducing energy costs and creating an open welcoming atmosphere. Internal spaces should be flexible and dynamic learning environments which can be used by students or for teacher training. An important consideration is that active learning spaces require more floor area per seat in order to accommodate multiple furniture layouts beyond the traditional ‘chalk and talk’ classroom. The building will balance formal and informal teaching and study environments, with a focus on maximising new teaching space.