Capital Jet Facility



The Capital Jet Facility is the operational base for Capital Jet Charter and a fixed-base operation for visiting executive jets. The new Capital Jet Facility is at the forefront of fixed-base operations anywhere in the world, as few have been designed to the exacting standards demanded by the owner of this development.

The building has been designed as a high quality facility that complements the nature of the jet charter and fixed-base operations for executive jets visiting Canberra. While modest in scale the Jet Facility provides departing and arriving passengers with a sense of continuity with the experience of flying. This is achieved through the form of the building and the selection of materials and finishes. The taut skin of the hangar and the office wing allude to the typical construction of aircraft fuselages where panels are screw-fixed to the basic aircraft frame. The curved form of the office building expresses the notion of an aircraft wing and the portholes on the western facade allude to the windows used on traditional aircraft.