Australian Office of Financial Management


Parkes, ACT

Part of the Department of Treasury, the Australian Office of Financial Management (AOFM) manages the Australian Government’s net debt portfolio. DJAS was engaged to design a hybrid activity based working office for a client who required a balanced approach to team collaboration and individual work.

Open Collaboration
DJAS worked with the client to understand their workplace culture by hosting design workshops, surveys, and open design presentations with staff. These findings enabled a strong basis for the design team to create an open, flexible office with numerous formal and informal conversation areas.

Heritage Opportunities
Working within a heritage building with restricted floorplates required a tailored solution to the space. Circulation areas were located around the building permimeter, fronted by full height glazed meeting rooms. Acoustic zoning was applied to the fitout, with large meeting areas and breakout spaces located away from individual workspaces. The restricted floor plan was used to the project’s benefit, providing a transitional space between these zones.