Australian National Audit Office (ANAO)



Forrest, ACT

The term ‘office’ is being completely redefined. It used to be that a company hierarchy was created which was simply transferred to the building – the interior design therefore reflected the organisation. The work we do today is considerably less isolated and individual.

An ABW workplace provides an environment which responds to the Department’s aspirational, functional and creative needs. The ANAO workplace is a custom design solution based on an ABW design framework. The workplace features five self-sufficient neighbourhoods across two floors with a shared training and community hub on the ground floor.

The ANAO workplace provides a kit of parts to enhance the everyday working experience of the staff and promote community, commitment and happiness in the workplace. This is achieved through the selection of finishes and materials anchored in a sense of vitality, a design which allows for both the introverted and extroverted personality traits to thrive and provide the ANAO the freedom of choice on where to sit to undertake a specific working task.

The Auditor General’s two primary design briefs were to achieve a design which was ‘frugal but clever’ and avoid the commonwealth ‘sea of workstations’. The design responded

to this brief through the careful selection of materials, the reuse of over 30% of furniture items and its crafted details. A unique design response which is not only anchored to strong functionally but also human movement and a biophilic design response.

Through the play of apertures with the built zones and furniture settings, the DJAS design team created a natural flow and movement through the circulation corridors. Providing the ANAO community hidden retreat spaces through to open collaboration hubs.