ANU College of Law


ANU Canberra

Developed over fifty years, the ANU College of Law Precinct comprises of several buildings at various stages within their lifecycle. DJAS led a team of specialist consultants to investigate the building performance, and generate recommendations to enable the building to be adapted to meet the needs of contemporary technology. This led to the development of a pilot programme to create a work environment which lowers on-going energy requirements, while simultaneous improving the amenity of the College’s staff.

Stage two of the project required the redevelopment of the College’s primary entrance.  This foyer creates a new address for the College, balancing client needs, modernist heritage requirements, and a limited budget to create a flexible, multi-purpose space which responds to user requirements throughout the day.

A new canopy defines the entrance from the existing campus thoroughfare.  This canopy incorporates timber battens presenting to the campus square. Timber battening previously defined areas of importance in the area, creating a clear reference to the heritage of the existing buildings.  Addressing the limited size of the existing building, the walls are built out to create subtle areas for seating, allowing the foyer to be quickly transformed from meeting point to presentation place.