ANU Canberra School of Music - Llewellyn Hall


ANU, Canberra

Llewellyn Hall has been Canberra’s key classical music venue since it was completed in 1977. As part of a ‘mid-life” refit, the opportunity was taken to contemporise its acoustics with a ‘brighter” sound and to address some areas of poor reception.
The remedial works included raising the auditorium floor to make the performers’ presence more immediate to the audience; re-tuning the rear and lateral acoustic panels; and installing new reflector panels over the stage to better project orchestral sound to the audience.
The extensive use of beech timber panel laid over the original concrete block-work provides a warmer interior than the original and reinvents the Hall after a period of 25 years whilst preserving the integrity of the original design.
The seating layout was redesigned to remove the centre aisle to provide a better concert experience for performers and audience. New entry sound locks were also introduced at the rear of the hall to improve entry and acoustic separation between the Hall and the crush Lobby.