14 and 16 Brindabella Circuit



The buildings at 14 and 16 Brindabella Circuit represent the epitome of purpose-design-and-built office accommodation, as the design framework was based on the requirements of one tenant. In maximising the total floor efficiency, eliminating unusable space was paramount. Built for single tenant usage, intertenancy common areas were not required so features include a smaller atrium area providing greater usable floor space across the entire building.

The building also delivers highly efficient outcomes by using the Park’s centralised plant for its heating and cooling. This results in decreased energy consumption for the operation of on-site climatic control systems. The layout of the building covers three floors with an additional mezzanine level. Strategically designed louvres on north-facing windows ensure that glare is minimised while optimising natural ambient light levels. Other key features include the use of passive landscape security providing an aesthetically pleasing solution to physical external security.