Mark Johnson
Building Designer
Mark Johnson
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Mark has been working in the industry for over 25 years. He began his career in project houses and working with various builders, building designers and architects to build a comprehensive portfolio of work. This includes a wide variety of projects from high end renovations to large scale commercial and retail.

Mark then obtained his building design licence, created and ran his own company for a few years before being asked to work with another building designer. This is where he gained even more experience with multi-residential and early education centres.

Mark is no stranger to being on the tools either and has a strong construction knowledge. This not only makes him great with the big picture but great at the detail work too. Mark prides himself on being able to produce a set of documents that are very clear and concise so that any builder is able to easily build off them.

Aside from designing and documenting Mark has also created and maintained Revit (design software) libraries, templates and content for a number of companies. Mark likes to share his wealth of knowledge helping and training others in the company too.