Courtney Walmsley
Architectural Technology Manager - Canberra
DJAS - Courtney - Tuesday, 12 March 2019
  • .Architecture
  • .Digital Technology Manager

Courtney manages our architectural technology at DJAS. Courtney’s skills in BIM and enormous knowledge of Revit are essential in assisting the studio with the dependable and smooth running of our 3D models.

Courtney has over 7 years in the industry across small private residential, multi-residential, interior fitouts and BIM/Design Technology. Courtney is guided by the philosophy that “People are the most important part of architecture. The design of the human experience of space is to me what architecture is” and pushes this philosophy through her dedication to excellence.

Courtney manages Architectural Technology and BIM related activity for our projects, this includes but is not limited to:
+ Development of company BIM processes and standards
+ Development and maintenance of company BIM templates
+ Development and maintenance of BIM content libraries
+ Driver of BIM strategy within the company
+ Management of architectural technology software and licencing
+ Management of company cloud server for architectural models and drawings
+ Company training and induction of specific software programmes
+ Support the career development coaching and mentoring of the team
+ Supporting and auditing projects to enforce project standards
+ Understanding of industry standards and requirements in Architecture, Design and BIM
+ Understanding and management of the project specific BIM execution requirements
+ Facilitate BIM collaboration with external designers and consultants

Courtney is a valuable member of DJAS with her skills and interests in various areas of technology.